Session proposals are welcome and have to be sent to by April 15 2018.

Proposals have to report the following information:

  • Title of the session.

Contributions have to be organized in sessions of 4 presentations. Proposals of sessions with a lower number of contributions can be accepted, provided that they could be integrated with other contributions on the same topic.

Authors of invited papers and abstracts have to respect submission rules and deadlines of regular contributions.

The organizers of accepted sessions are expected to attend and chair the session.

Please note that sessions may be rearranged to better organize the final program.


Agent-based models and computational economics (AB) (organized by Stephan Leitner, Friederike Wall)

Approximation methods for equilibria (AE) (organized by Maria Carmela Ceparano, Jacqueline Morgan)

Behaviours, Beliefs in Social Sciences and Finance (BH) (organized by Bruno Antonio Pansera, Francesco Strati)

Choices and Uncertainty (DU) (organized by Simone Cerreia Vioglio)

Cooperative games (CG) (organized by Michela Chessa, Gianfranco Gambarelli)

Dynamic games (DG) (organized by Alessandra Buratto, Gianfranco Gambarelli)

Dynamic models in Financial Economics (DM) (organized by Patrick Beissner)

Life and pension insurance (LI) (organized by Anna Rita Bacinello)

Market Imperfections (MI) (organized by Claudia Meo, Marialaura Pesce)

Multiple criteria decision making (MD) (organized by Bice Cavallo, Salvatore Corrente, Matteo Brunelli)

Networks and big data in economics, finance, and social systems (BD) (organized by Fabrizio Lillo, Michele Tumminello, Pietro Vassallo)

Non-cooperative games (NG) (organized by Laura Ziani, Gianfranco Gambarelli)

Nonlinear Economic Dynamics (ND) (organized by Davide Radi, Mauro Sodini)

Numerical methods and quantitative finance: new perspectives and applications(NM) (organized by Chiara Guardasoni, Daniele Marazzina, Simona Sanfelici)

Portfolio optimization (PO) (organized by Stefania Corsaro, Valentina De Simone)

Risk measures, Capital Adequacy and Capital Allocation (RM) (organized by Francesca Centrone, Emanuela Rosazza Gianin)

Time series modeling in finance and insurance (TS) (organized by Asmerilda Hitaj, Edit Rroji)

Uncertainty and vagueness in decision modelling (VD) (organized by Davide Petturiti, Barbara Vantaggi)

Variational Approaches to problems in Economic Theory (VA) (organized by Annamaria Barbagallo)

AIRO Session

Optimization under Uncertainty (OU) (organized by Francesca Maggioni, Giorgio Consigli)

42nd Annual Meeting of the AMASES
Association for Mathematics Applied to Social and Economic Sciences
Napoli, September 13-15, 2018